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About Bay Lavi


Give Opportunity. Give Independence. Give Life. 

Bay Lavi, Creole for “Give Life”, initially started as a charity line of fabric bracelets made by Alyssa and her Mom during her senior year at the University of Delaware to fundraise for Students for Haiti. After an inspiring trip to Haiti in April 2012, Alyssa decided to grow the line into a more sustainable project that would provide opportunity, not charity.

Bay Lavi has since become a collaborative employment program through working with non-profit organizations in Haiti, employing and uniting the most vulnerable populations of women through jewelry-making, which provides them with an income and a set of skills that will better their life beyond.

Bay Lavi’s first partnership, launched July 2013, is with the St. Boniface Haiti Foundation at its hospital in Fond des Blancs. Our focus at St. Boniface is to employ and empower Spinal Cord Injury women, all of whom were injured during the January 2010 earthquake. (Read our Bay Lavi SBHF blog here)

The design process & material purchasing takes place in New York, then gets sent to Haiti where the women of our program work together in a space flooded with light, music, and friends to create the pieces of our collection. They are paid per piece for their creations which are then sold here in the U.S.